Felon Who Shot Into Neighbor's Home and Said He Didn't Know How to Unload a Gun Owned Three More: Police

Police say a felon from Pennsylvania who reportedly shot his handgun at a neighbor’s house and broke her window likely knew his way around a gun, despite his claims that he didn’t know how to unload one.

George Byrd IV, 31, was found with three firearms in his home, according to police, even though he has a felony conviction from a burglary he committed at age 17 and is not allowed to own a gun, reports Daily Mail. The suspect was arrested after his neighbor claims she found the window on her porch shattered and, while assessing at the damage half hour later, noticed Byrd emerge from his home shirtless. He then allegedly raised a handgun and fired shots toward her house.

Police confirmed the woman’s fence had been marked by bullet shots.

Byrd initially denied he had a gun, reports the New York Daily News, but then admitted at his arraignment that he fired the weapon because he was “unfamiliar with guns and didn’t know how to unload ammunition.”

After searching his home, police reportedly found a .357 revolver, a 12-gauge double barrel shotgun and an M77 long rifle. They also reportedly discovered ammunition for the various weapons.

The suspect is being held on $20,000 bail and has been charged with persons not to possess firearms and discharging a firearm into an occupied structure.

Sources: Daily Mail, New York Daily News

Photo Credit: Middletown Police Department, Wikipedia


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