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Stowaway Cat Survives 28-Mile Ride Hidden In Truck's Engine Compartment

A stowaway cat gave a Pennsylvania motorist and some New Jersey police officers a scare early on July 2 when the cat bolted from the engine compartment of the man’s pickup truck. 

The man from East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, had just arrived for work at Mars Chocolate North America in Hackettstown, New Jersey, when he heard a strange noise coming his truck, reports Hackettstown Patch. 

After a quick look under the hood, the man, who wasn’t named, found a small cat stuck near the engine’s fan blades and called police to help him free it. 

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Hackettstown Police Sgt. Darren Tynan told the Patch that officers and employees from the city’s public works department worked to disentangle the animal from the engine components. 

The cat, apparently frightened, took off running immediately after it was freed but was soon caught by officers, according to WCBS News. 

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Police said they suspect the cat climbed into the engine compartment at the man’s East Stroudsburg home and rode the 28 miles to the Mars Chocolate parking lot. 

The cat was reported to be unharmed and was handed over to animal control. 

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While all involved were likely surprised at the incident, the shock probably didn’t compare that of an Arizona couple’s after they discovered a larger feline — a live bobcat — stuck in their car’s grille.

A.J. Michaels told The Arizona Republic in January he knew he had hit an animal while traveling on a dark, Scottsdale road. But, Michaels said, he was going about 40 mph when it happened and he was certain that whatever the animal was, it hadn’t survived. 

He said he couldn’t believe it when he arrived at his destination and found a live bobcat stuck between the grille and the radiator of his car. 

Arizona Game and Fish Department officials had to be called to tranquilize the animal and remove it. 

The bobcat was reportedly not badly injured and was expected to be released back into the wild. 

Sources: Hackettstown Patch, WCBS News, The Arizona Republic

Photo Credit: Hackettstown Police Department via Hackettstown Patch


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