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Federal Police Officer Sends Woman Who Came To Him For Help Nude Selfie

A federal police officer is under investigation after he allegedly sent a woman who came to him for help a nude picture.

The officer in question is Jason Fougere, a police officer with the Veterans Affairs Office in Westwood, California.

Recently, a California woman and her mother went to the Veterans Affair Office in order to get help finding their missing uncle, a veteran. Fougere was assigned to their case. At the close of their first meeting, Fougere exchanged contact information with the women.

Several days later, Fougere reached out to the younger woman. But he wasn’t looking to speak with her about her uncle. He was asking her on a date.

“I quickly responded that I was in a meeting,” said the woman, “and I couldn’t talk right now.”

Fougere responded by sending her a picture of himself in his uniform. He included a message with the picture saying “here’s something to remember me." The woman says she promptly deleted the text.

In the following days, Fougere continued texting the woman. His messages became increasingly graphic.

“Your boobs are humongous,” he allegedly wrote in one text. “They must be fake. Those will be the first fake t–s I touch.”

Then, Fougere sent a naked picture of himself. It was then that the woman responded and told him to stop contacting her. She told him the text was “way out of line,” calling the move “very disrespectful” and saying “Please DO NOT contact me.”

Fougere reportedly responded by saying “Very sorry! I won’t contact you anymore!”

The woman reported the incident to the Veterans Affair Office. Fougere is now under investigation. All of his law enforcement authorities have been revoked until the investigation concludes.

“He’s supposed to be there to protect these veterans,” the woman said, “and this is how he’s acting.”

Sources: CBS LA, Hyper Vocal


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