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Gladys Knight's Chicken And Waffles Restaurants Raided

The Georgia Department of Revenue raided three Gladys Knight’s Signature Chicken and Waffles restaurants on June 21.

Shanga Hankerson, restaurant-owner and son of singer Gladys Knight, is at the center of the $1 million tax investigation, reports WSBTV.

The restaurants are currently closed. However, James Boyd, a consultant for the chain, says he believe they will open again.

“I was made aware of the tax situation,” Boyd said. “It’s our intent to get the business back open. The business will go on. I want the public to know both sides.”

“I believe we can [work] something out to satisfy the tax obligations, protect the employees and the vendors and serve the public,” Boyd added.

The super-famous star, Gladys Knight, is reportedly not involved in this investigation.

It’s not the first time the chain has gotten into trouble with authorities.

In February, Gladys Knight’s Signature Chicken and Waffle restaurants failed a health inspection after receiving a grade of “A” the year before.

The restaurant received a score of 56 (out of 100) but quickly improved, later receiving a 90, which is an A grade.

“Our biggest thing was a freezer door that was off, but we weren't using the freezer,” Knight said “The freezer was dead. They cited us because no door; I get that.”

The singer commented that her son was distraught by the news.

“He was so upset about this,” Knight said. “I had to really calm him down.”

Gladys said she had full confidence in her son and the restaurant.

“About the people that walk through the doors. I'm just as concerned about them as them buying tickets to come my concerts,” Knight said. “I want to give them the best of who I am.”

Hankerson also chimed in, joking that Gladys would admonish him if he didn’t prioritize customer’s safety.

“It's an ongoing effort as far as health is concerned; as far as the cleanliness of the restaurant,” Hankerson said. “I'm not trying to get a whooping at home.”

Sources: WSBTV (2) / Photo credit: Channel 2 Action News​ via Atlanta Journal Constitution​

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