Federal Judge Jessica Recksiedler Recuses Herself from George Zimmerman Trial


A federal judge in Florida has removed herself from the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case on grounds that she had a conflict of interest. Zimmerman’s attorney filed a motion requesting that Judge Jessica Ricksiedler recuse herself due to issues relating to Recksiedler’s husband.

Judge Recksiedler signed off on the motion earlier than expected after promising a decision by Friday. Her husband is an attorney who works with Orlando defense lawyer Mark NeJame, the man first approached by Zimmerman’s family to represent him at trial. NeJame declined the case and has since been hired by CNN to provide legal commentary. His relationship to Recksiedler’s husband was likely grounds enough to justify the recusal.

Judge John D. Galluzzo was next in line to preside over the Zimmerman prosecution, but he also opted to remove himself from consideration, citing a conflict of interest. That leaves the case squarely on desk of Judge Kenneth M. Lester Jr. Judge Lester has not revealed any conflicts of interest and will oversee the case through the pretrial discovery process and will likely remain in place throughout the trial phase as well.


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