Cruz: Obama Administration The Laughingstock Of World


Republican presidential candidate, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, has slammed President Barack Obama’s foreign policy philosophy.

During the most recent GOP debate, Cruz accused the sitting president’s administration of being “a laughing stock in the world.”

On March 10, the four remaining Republican presidential candidates debated in Miami, Florida. The CNN-moderated event was notable for the contenders’ civil tone and the debate’s emphasis on policy substance.

During the segment on foreign policy, moderator Jake Tapper asked Cruz if America’s standing in the world mattered to him, The Daily Caller reports.

“Of course it does,” Cruz answered. “And we’ve seen for seven years a president that has made the presidency and has made sadly his administration a laughing stock in the world.”

The Texas senator accused President Obama of betraying the U.S.' moral authority in foreign affairs when “he decided to go on a worldwide apology tour, apologizing for the United States of America.”

Cruz added that the president’s approach to foreign policy had alienated U.S. allies.

“When I travel abroad, when I meet with heads of states and defense ministers and foreign ministers, they say over and over again it is hard to be friends with America. We can’t count on America. America doesn’t stand with us. And that is a disgrace.”

Cruz’s critique of the president coincided with The Atlantic’s release of a massive profile titled “The Obama Doctrine.”

The article, based on foreign correspondent Jeffrey Goldberg’s interviews with Obama over a decade period, characterizes Cruz’s criticism as “retrenchment.”

Council on Foreign Relations analyst Stephen Sestanovich explained that retrenchment is “pulling back, spending less, cutting risk and shifting burdens to allies.”

President Obama countered that this criticism failed to recognize the realities of U.S. power.

“What i think is not smart is the idea that every time there is a problem, we send in our military to impose order,” Obama said. “We just can’t do that.”

On Feb. 16, Cruz outlined his foreign policy during a speech in South Carolina.

“More tooth, less tail. That will be our guiding philosophy,” Cruz said, according to Politico. “The world needs a strong America, and America must be strong if we are going to protect our great nation and the freedoms that we hold so dear.”

Sources: The Atlantic, The Daily Caller, Politico / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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