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FDNY Firefighter Injured 10 Days Into Job

A New York firefighter who did not pass her physical tests was injured just 10 days into her job.

The New York Post reports probationary firefighter Choeurlyne Doirin-Holder injured herself on Nov. 16 while checking on equipment at Queens' Engine 308 in South Richmond Hill, New York.

Doirin-Holder was getting off the fire truck during her second shift  at the station when she reportedly missed a step and landed on her left foot. She suffered a fracture from the incident.

Doirin-Holder celebrated her Fire Department City of New York graduation on Nov. 6 along with three other female firefighters, bringing the total of female firefighters to 49 — a historical all-time high in the FDNY.

Sources familiar with Doirin-Holder's training questioned her competence, however, as they believe academy instructors allowed her to pass the physical exam despite failing to complete it under the required time.

She reportedly also failed to finish a 1.5 mile run under 12 minutes, even after the track was shortened. She was instead allowed to demonstrate her aerobic capabilities on a StairMaster machine, where the requirements were "watered-down," noted the New York Post.

Doirin-Holder initially failed to pass the academy in 2013 and returned to her former position as an EMT. She tried again in 2014, but dropped out due to an injury. After that incident, the FDNY gave her a desk job and kept her on the payroll as a firefighter with a salary of $76,488.

She entered back into the academy in 2014 and earned $81,376 with overtime.  Doirin-Holder is eligible for a disability pension since she was injured on duty. 

Firefighters took to an online FDNY forum to vent their opinions on the matter. One wrote, “If you can’t meet the standards, you are a danger to yourself, the public and most importantly everyone operating on the fire ground who is doing their job.” 

The National Fire Protection Association reports an estimated 63,350 firefighters were injured during the line of duty in 2014.

Sources: New York Post, National Fire Protection Association / Photo credit: Dennis A. Clark

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