ISIS Threatens To Bomb Memphis-Arkansas Bridge


There have been several warnings about potential ISIS attacks on U.S. soil since the organization emerged, but thus far the group’s actions have been confined to the region in which they are fighting in the Middle East. The FBI, however, recently issued a warning to police officers in Memphis, Tennessee, about a potential threat to bomb the Memphis-Arkansas Bridge. According to Fox 13 News, the plot has been linked to the Islamic State fighters.

“According to an anonymous complainant, as of December 2014, ISIS instructed an ISIS member, a presumed USPER (U.S. Person) in Memphis, with a direct order to blow up the Memphis-Arkansas bridge on an unknown date, activating ISIS terror cells in the United States,” the FBI bulletin reads. 

Local police have been instructed to increase their patrol and security of the bridge, and citizens have been encouraged to report any suspicious activity. There is also a 24-hour surveillance camera operated by the Memphis Police Department that is monitoring the bridge at all times. The FBI acknowledged that the threat is being taken seriously, but there is no evidence that an attack is imminent. An investigation is currently underway. 

“Although we received an anonymous threat, there is no actionable intelligence regarding an attack on the bridge. We take every threat seriously and whenever we receive a threat like this we take steps to inform all of our law enforcement partners,” said Supervisory Special Agent Joel Siskovic, spokesperson for the FBI’s Memphis Division, to Fox 13 News

The Daily Mail reports that approximately 56,000 vehicles cross the bridge, which connects Tennessee and Arkansas, each day. Several boats also pass beneath the bridge on a daily basis. 

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Sources: Fox 13 News, The Daily Mail / Photo Credit: My Fox Memphis


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