FBI to Peru, Look for Clues in Natalee Holloway Case


FBI agents will reportedly travel to Peru and meet with police there to search for clues in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

A report on AOL News said that according to CNN's "In Session," court documents out of Lima say agents will meet with officials from the Peruvian National Police High Technology Crime Division on Monday. They reportedly will examine a laptop that was found with Joran van der Sloot when he was arrested for murdering another woman.

Reports say van der Sloot killed Stephany Flores last May after she looked at the laptop and found out about van der Sloot's connection to the Holloway disappearance. Now the FBI wants to know what Flores saw that allegedly sent van der Sloot into such a murderous rage.

Van der Sloot has long been a suspect in the Holloway case. He was the last person seen with her before she vanished in Aruba in 2005. Her body has never been found, and he has never been charged.

A lawyer for van der Sloot said last week that his client plans to plead guilty to the Flores murder, but will plead temporary insanity in an effort to get his prison time reduced.

Van der Sloot has also been indicted in the U.S. for allegedly trying to extort $250,000 from Holloway's family in exchange for information on her death and the location of her body.


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