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FBI Foils Alleged Bomb Plot (Photo)

FBI Foils Alleged Bomb Plot (Photo) Promo Image

A man suspected of supporting ISIS was arrested in Miami on Oct. 20 after the FBI foiled an alleged bomb plot.

Vicente Solano, an immigrant from Honduras, is accused of having plotted to blow up a shopping mall, according to CBS News.

Although Solano has made pro-ISIS videos online, there is no evidence to suggest that he has been in contact with the terrorist group, authorities said.

The FBI stated that it found out about Solano's alleged plot from an informer who communicated with him about it. The informant told the FBI that Solano had "become increasingly upset with the policies of the United States Government and its activities throughout the world," according to HuffPost.

In late September, Solano told the informant he wanted to "set off a bomb and [had] the balls to do it," the Miami Herald reported.

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"What I want to achieve is to send a message," he was recorded as stating Oct. 13. "Because I have wanted to do it, because I have resentment inside, to demonstrate to [the United States]."

The FBI agent added in the affidavit that Solano "took issue with foreign and domestic policies and described his feeling of exclusion that stems from his temporary immigration status," according to HuffPost.

Solano reportedly referred to the Boston Marathon bombing during the investigation.

In one of the videos, Solano stood in front of a black flag and described the U.S. as "the most terrorist country of them all." He said he wanted to join ISIS because it was "growing in social media” and confronting the U.S.

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"This racist president, white supremacist who does not like Hispanics, who does not like Muslims, Chinese, Blacks, just his race," Solano said in another video.

The informant introduced Solano to two undercover agents, who supplied Solano with a hoax bomb. Two officials explained that no explosives were involved and that no one was in danger.

One of the FBI agents drove Solano to the mall he planned to attack on Oct. 20.

"When they arrived at the mall, Solano took the steps that he believed would arm the device and the timer began to count down," the affidavit said. "Solano exited [the undercover employee's] vehicle and began to walk towards the previously determined mall entrance."

Solano was arrested before he went inside the building.

During his first appearance in court on Oct. 23, Solano said he was a painter who makes $13 an hour and has no savings.

Sources: CBS News, HuffPost, Miami Herald / Featured Image: FBI Photos/Wikimedia Commons / Embedded Images: Miami-Dade Corrections via HuffPost, Bobak Ha'Eri/Wikimedia Commons

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