FBI Subpoenas Classmates In Investigation Of Kendrick Johnson's Death


A federal grand jury has overtaken the case investigating the death of Kendrick Johnson, the Georgia teen who was found in a rolled-up gym mat in a high school gymnasium in January of last year. 

Johnson was a student at Lowndes High School when his body was found, and the federal investigators recently subpoenaed his classmates and their parents to question them regarding the incident. According to CNN, the FBI has already interviewed several of Johnson’s schoolmates. 

Although the mystery of Johnson’s death has remained unsolved for over a year, U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Georgia Michael Moore insisted that the case is steadily progressing. 

“We’re working methodically, and sometimes we remember we’re running a marathon instead of a sprint. So, we’re working on it. It’s better to get it right than to get it fast. I’m satisfied that the FBI is moving forward at the appropriate speed, and they’re doing a fine job,” Moore said. 

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the initial police report claims that Johnson “died after he reached into the upright wrestling mat for a shoe, got stuck and suffocated.” 

Johnson’s parents, who pushed for additional investigations after refusing to accept the official report that their son’s death was accidental, did not have such an optimistic outlook regarding the progress of the FBI.

“We really won’t feel anything until justice comes for Kendrick,” said Kendrick’s father Kenneth Johnson, “We’re glad they’re here, but my feelings won’t be there until we get justice for our son.”


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