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FBI Reopens 1964 Case Of Paul Fronczak, Abandoned Baby Returned To Wrong Parents

Paul Fronczak was born in 1964. But 49 years later, he still has no clue who he really is.

In 1964, a baby named Paul Fronczak was stolen from Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago. The FBI opened up an investigation in hopes of finding him.

A year later, in Newark, New Jersey officials found a one-year-old baby abandoned in a stroller. This was all happening before the days of DNA analysis, of course, so FBI officials tried to match with the baby with his family using the child’s facial features.

The FBI eventually told the Fronczak that the child was theirs, and he was returned to the parents.

Fast forward to earlier this year.

Fronczak, who has questioned his biological origins since he was 10 years old, had a DNA analysis performed. When the results came in, they confirmed something he had suspected for years: he was not Paul Fronczak.

Since discovering that he was not the Fronczak’s stolen child, Paul has been on two missions: discovering who his biological parents are and finding the Fronczak’s stolen child. The FBI has agreed to help him in his search, and re-opened their 1964 investigation.

Fronczak started a Facebook page titled “Who is Paul Fronczak?”

“Imagine waking up one day to find out that the identity you've had your entire life isn't true,” the page says “…that the family who raised you isn't really your family at all, and that you don't even know your real name.”

In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, Fronczak said his parents support his efforts to discover his origins.

“I’m in this for the long haul. I’m not going to quit,” he said. “I think that the perfect ending would be to find the real Paul, see that he’s doing well and then on the same day find my real family. It would also be nice to have an actual birth date that I could believe in.”

Sources: NBC News, Inquisitr


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