FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force Investigates Man For Taking Penis Out of Pants on Plane


Stuart Clarke, who is accused of exposing his penis on a Delta Air Lines flight, claims he was trying to relieve irritation from some peppermint oil that he accidentally rubbed onto his genitals.

Clarke reportedly unbuttoned his pants and exposed his penis while sitting in his seat, noted The Smoking Gun.

A female passenger reported Clark to a flight attendant, who contacted the Salt Lake City Airport Police when the plane landed, according to a search warrant filed on Wednesday by a FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.

The incident happened way back in November 2012.

Clarke left his luggage at the airport after his plane landed and it took police a couple of days to find him.

Clarke told the cops that he had a headache in Amsterdam, where he began his trip. He rubbed what he called "peppermint oil" on his forehead.

After landing in Minneapolis eight hours later, Clarke boarded the plane going to Salt Lake City.

Clarke claims he went to the airline bathroom and accidentally touched his penis with some of the peppermint oil from his hands and forehead.

The afflicted man went back to his seat, put a coat over himself and began "scratching and adjusting" his groin area.

Clarke admitted he unbuttoned his pants, put his hand into his underwear and pulled out his penis.

Police searched Clarke's luggage and found two small boxes labeled "Olbas Oil," which stated on the box that it was an inhalant and decongestant, and also a pain reliever when applied to the skin.

The cops reported that the oil smelled like eucalyptus and mint.

The new search warrant authorizes the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force to take possession of the oils found in Clarke’s luggage and analyze them.

Source: The Smoking Gun


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