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FBI Investigates Michael Galindo for Taking Pictures of Storm Clouds

Michael Galindo recently became the subject of an FBI investigation in Houston, Texas, after he took pictures of a dark and stormy rain cloud.

Galindo was questioned by FBI Agent David Pileggi, last week, who asked him about some photos he took on September 13 near the Lyondell Refinery, reports

Galindo told "He said I was spotted near the refinery but I couldn’t even remember doing that. I thought it had to be somebody else. It wasn’t until he mentioned my camera that I made the connection."

Galindo never stepped foot on the refinery’s property, but someone at the facility spotted him shooting photos and called the police, who called the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Galindo said he was just “looking for a clear line of site” so he could photograph storm clouds, something he does as a volunteer member of he National Weather Service’s Skywarn program.

The program allows civilians submit breaking information about any storms stretching across the sky.

Galindo told that FBI agent Pileggi said: "You’re not a threat and you are doing a public service, but just be careful next time."

Galindo added: “The worst thing I’ve done is get speeding tickets, but I haven’t gotten one in three years."


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