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FBI Discovers Underground Bunker Of Most Wanted Criminal Who Was On The Run For Five Years (Video)

For five years, a notorious bank robber and former Marine was able to evade police, but now, after being captured last year, he’s led the FBI to a secret underground bunker just east of Seattle where he had lived under the radar for some time.

Bradley Robinett was featured on America’s Most Wanted in 2011 after being on the run from police since 2009. Robinett had escaped from prison that year and because he is an expert survivalist, he was able to escape police on a number of occasions. One time, Robinett was able to flee police by ramming into a patrol car, and during another pursuit, he escaped them on a stolen kayak. Robinett also buried large stashes of weapons across Washington state and cloned car keys so he could have a “secret fleet.”

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Now, months after Robinett was apprehended, the FBI says they’ve discovered one of his underground bunkers near Seattle, and the items found at the scene may provide some more insight into this man’s life of crime.

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FBI spokesperson Ayn Dietrich-Williams says that investigators found between 15 and 20 large sealed bins, and investigators are now searching them to see what they can find. Also discovered inside the bunker was a bed, plastic bags, a supply of soda, and sneakers, as well as unconfirmed reports of jewelry and weapons.

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Once investigators are done sifting through the bunker, they plan to demolish it.

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As part of a plea deal, Robinett led the FBI to the bunker, and reports say that he also tipped them off about two more underground bunkers that have yet to be searched. Authorities are now asking the public for help finding other bunkers.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Seattle Times / Photo Source: Daily Mail 


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