FBI Arrests 3 High-Ranking New York City Police Officers

Three New York Police Department Commanders were arrested on federal corruption charges stemming from a current investigation into Mayor Bill de Blasio's mayorial campaign fundraising.  A Brooklyn businessman was also arrested in connection with the case.

Among those arrested were a deputy chief, a deputy inspector, and a sergeant, in what The New York Times has called one of the most significant arrests of high-ranking NYPD officials in recent memory.

A criminal complaint described how businessman Jeremy Reichberg used and abused his access to the police department to bypass gun application licensing, write off tickets, obtain police escorts for himself and friends, arrange arrests, and a host of other activities, according to ABC.  

On one occasion, Reichberg was able to use his connections to shut down a lane of the Lincoln Tunnel between Manhattan and New Jersey in order to get a police escort for a businessman visiting the United States.

During another, officers were dispatched to a jewelry business owned and run by associates of Mr. Reichberg to disperse individuals who were handing out fliers for a rival business.

Reichberg was reportedly generous to his law enforcement connections, giving them quite a bit more than $100,000 in benefits between 2012 and 2015.

One of the favors provided was a $59,000 private jet flight which took Reichberg, an unnamed detective, and Upper East Side Precinct Commander James Grant, to Las Vegas.  According to the complaint, Reichberg and another businessman arranged for a prostitute to spend the weekend with the group.  The prostitute reportedly later told law enforcement that the group had "taken advantage of her services" during the trip.

Reichberg, Grant, and Deputy Chief Michael Harrington were all charged with conspiracy to commit honest services wire fraud.

The 4th individual arrested was NYPD sergeant David Villanueva, who works in the department's gun license bureau.  He was charged with conspiracy to commit bribery.

Sources: The New York Times, ABC News / Photo credit: Andre Gustavo Stumpf/ Flickr

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