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Faux Homeless Man Caught On Tape Scheming (Video)

The vast majority of panhandlers on the street are truly desperate for help. One of the few scientific surveys conducted on panhandlers showed that 94% of them use their donated funds on food.

But, like anything else in life, there are exceptions. YouTube personality Jack Vale caught one of these exceptions on film over the weekend.

Several days ago, Vale’s uncle gave money to a begging homeless man. A few moments later, Vale’s uncle thought he saw that same homeless man get into a nice white car and drive off. He asked his nephew to find the homeless man and see if his suspicion was true – that this seemingly needy man was conning people for their money.

A few days later, Vale and two friends found the same homeless man begging for money. Around dusk, the man got up from his spot and started walking. They followed him. After walking into a parking garage, the man surfaced moments later driving a clean, late model Chevrolet Malibu. Vale’s uncle was on to something.

Vale and his crew hopped in their car and followed the man. Eventually, he pulled his car into the driveway of an upscale home and walked inside. Vale and his friends waited for a moment before knocking on the his door.

After opening the door, Vale told the man they just followed him from the street to his property. The man first denied the home was his, but his denial quickly turned to anger. He lashed out at Vale for his questioning and insisted that it isn’t illegal to make a sign and ask for money. After trading some words, the man tells Vale “It seems like you’re a little f**king jealous of me bro, is that what it is?” before telling him to leave his property.

Here is video of the whole thing:

Sources: YouTube, San Francisco Gate


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