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Father's Stupid Tattoos Ruining His Life (Photos)

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A father-of-two admits he is ashamed of the "disgraceful" tattoos on his body that mimic late rapper Tupac Shakur.

Liam Bailey, 28, from Folkestone, Kent, U.K., told Channel 5’s Tattoo Disasters UK that the ink was a drunken mistake he made three years ago. Now, the dad is too embarrassed to take his shirt off in front of his kids.

“Looking back now I think ‘why did I do that?’” he admitted on the reality show, according to Daily Mail.

Bailey says it seemed like “a good idea at the time” when he was out with friends one night and Tupac came on the radio. The Brit asked for copycat tattoos of Tupac at the tattoo shop.

Bailey ended up with “THUG LIFE” in large print across his abdomen with a bullet (that looks more like a tampon) instead of an “i”, reports The Sun.

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“Who the hell would have a tampon on their tummy?” said his mom. “I can see the funny side of that but the one on the back, no, that's awful, people look at him in disgust.”

He then returned to duplicate the design the rapper had on his back.

He also got “f*** the world” inked across his back just like the deceased rapper.

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Bailey, a former soldier with the Royal Artillery, said the tattoos do not reflect him as a person and he has grown even more ashamed of them since giving birth to his two children.

“People now think I am some sort of thug but I am not like that at all,” he said.

“As a dad, the swear word on my back is just disgraceful. My kids ask 'what is that drawing on you?' but luckily they don't understand the meaning of the words yet.”

He has now had the “f*** the world” tattoo on his back concealed with a fighter pilot scene drawn in astonishing detail by tattoo artist Chris Chow.

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He has further plans to cover up his “wonky cross” tattoo as well as covering up, or getting laser removal, of his “THUG LIFE” tattoo.

“It is going to change my life,” said Bailey. “Hopefully my children will look at it one day and be proud that I I have lovely body art instead of really bad body art.”

Sources: Daily Mail, The Sun / Photo credit: Channel 5 via Daily Mail, Pinterest

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