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Father's Restraining Order Expires After Allegedly Killing 2-Year-Old Daughter in Scalding Shower

After allegedly killing his 2-year-old daughter by tossing her into a scalding hot shower with the intention of “disciplining her,” Alexander Sztasek, 26, is now free to visit his other child due to a two-week restraining order expiring.

According to Mirror, the child’s mother, Romana Suvic, 25, has pleaded with Austrian courts to extend the restraining order to six months while authorities further investigate the alleged murder.       

After being apprehended by police, Sztasek told investigators that he was simply “disciplining his daughter” and that he was not aware that the shower water was at an unsafe temperature.

Tragic Leonie, 2, suffered horrific burns on her back, and blisters began to form while Sztasek ignored her constant cries. After a full 24 hours, the couple decided to take the child to the hospital, where caretakers suspected foul play after examining the severity of the burns. 

Tragic was in the intensive care unit for two weeks, but the burns proved to be too severe as Tragic’s organs slowly began to shut down.

An SMZ hospital spokesman told reporters: "The condition of the little girl worsened dramatically. She died as a result of massive organ failure. She was suffering from severe necrosis, which was a consequence of the severe burns on her back.”

The spokesman went on to say, "A substantial portion of the skin had been quite simply destroyed, and as a result her organs failed together with the skin."

Austria’s Youth Welfare Office has come under fire from reporters who wish to know what the procedures will be for Sztasek's trying to visit his 7-year-old son. The office has replied, "A meeting with the child should only be possible in the presence of one of our specialists."

With no charges currently filed against Sztasek, the Youth Welfare Office, as well as Suvic, have their hands tied in preventing such an occurrence. It is unknown if Sztasek is an active threat, but the family was also investigated by the office in 2012, with yet again no charges being filed.

In light of the Adrian Peterson child abuse scandal happening in the United States, child discipline has become a topic of heated discussion. Detroit Lions running back Reggie Bush sided with Peterson, saying that he “disciplines his 1-year-old daughter.”

It remains unclear what a 1- and 2-year-old child could have done to deserve discipline in the first place. Common sense states that a child must have a certain level of cognitive ability before they are punished for “actively” engaging in misbehavior.    

Source: Mirror / Image credit:Mirror 


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