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Father's Creative Punishment For Son Elicits Attention, Applause (Video)

Most of us can look back on our childhoods and remember a few times when our parents really punished us for doing something wrong. Instead of using the go-to punishment, whatever that may have been, they concocted something extra creative and dreadful to make sure we’d never commit the same offense again.

This 11-year-old boy endured one of those punishments recently. We don’t know the boy’s name, but it seems he was caught stealing recently. To make sure he never steals again, his father made him hold books above his head and repeatedly apologize for what he'd done. It's not clear how long the boy held the books for, but it seems like it was a while judging by the pain he's obviously in. 

“Alright,” the dad says, “I need you to say ‘I will not steal anything ever again. I will not disrespect my momma, my daddy, my teachers and nobody else – or else I’m gunna hold these books until they become a part of me.’”

A quick glimpse at the video's comments show that a few think the punishment was too harsh, but the majority of people think it was a stern, appropriate way to teach him a lesson. Watch the video yourself and see what you think:

Sources: KMEL, YouTube


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