Father Who Made Headlines Searching For 'Missing' 8-Year-Old Daughter Charged With Sodomizing, Murdering Her


An Alabama father who begged the public to help him find his 8-year-old “missing” daughter has been arrested and charged with murdering her – while he was allegedly committing a horrific sexual act against her.

Police charged Hiawatha Robinson, 38, with first-degree sodomy and murder Tuesday after discovering little Hiawayi Robinson’s body behind an abandoned building in Prichard, two days after she was reported missing, reports the Daily Mail. In Alabama, the charge against him reportedly translates to engaging in “deviant sexual intercourse” with someone under the age of 12. Police say the child died while she was being forced to engage in sodomy by her father.

After her disappearance on September 16, her father claimed Hiawayi returned home from school to change her clothes and was then going to walk to her aunt’s house, but that she never made it there. Both of the girl’s parents, who are separated, reportedly agreed to on-air interviews in which they pleaded for the public to help them find Hiawayi, reports Fox10.

“I’m going through pain,” Robinson said at the time. “'I've been up for the last 24 hours, I've been up all night searching for her - ain't had anything to eat, anything to drink, I ain't going to stop until it's over with - until she's in her home. That's all I want, that's all I ask for.'

After Robinson was arrested, the girl’s mother’s godfather says she was “praying” it wouldn’t be him, but that they are thankful someone has been arrested and held accountable for this gruesome murder. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Fox10/Photo Credit: Fox10


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