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Father Who Murdered 2 Young Daughters and Wife Sentenced to 45 Years in Prison

On Friday, a Queens judge sentenced a triple murderer to 45 years in prison.

Supreme Court Justice Kenneth Holder told Miguel Meija-Ramos that he deserved the “electric chair or the gas chamber” for his heinous crime.

Meija-Ramos confessed to butchering his 21-year-old wife, Deisy Garcia, and two tiny daughters, one-year-old Yoselin and two-year-old Daniela, on Jan. 14.

“You are, without a doubt, a vile and despicable person and it is truly difficult to find words to describe how sickened the people in this courtroom are at the sight of you,” Holder told Meija-Ramos on Friday.

Holder went on to tell the 29-year-old murderer “how truly fortunate you are that you chose to commit this atrocity here in this state of New York at a time when the death penalty is no longer an option for prosecutors to consider.”

“For I truly believe that the person who invented the electric chair or the gas chamber must certainly have had you in mind when they designed them,” Holder continued. “And given the opportunity I’m sure there’d be a line of people tripping over each other to pull the switch.”

Meija-Ramos, wearing an orange jumpsuit, showed little emotion during the judge’s words; earlier, he had asked God and “the entire family” for forgiveness.

“I know that this sentence is not enough for me to pay for what I’ve done,” Meija-Ramos said. “I ask forgiveness for the horrible damage I have caused. And that is all I have to say.”

On the night of the crime, Meija-Ramos reportedly flew into a rage after he returned from a night of drinking and finding a Facebook photo of his wife with another man on her phone.

Meija-Ramos grabbed a pair of kitchen knives and slashed away at Garcia, who was sleeping in the bedroom. During the attack, he twisted one of the knives in Garcia’s side with so much force that the blade broke.

The father than walked into the daughters’ bedroom, where he hugged and kissed each girl before turning his blades onto them, too.

NY Post reports that Meija-Ramos said he killed the two girls because he didn’t have car seats to put them into when he fled.

Meija-Ramos was arrested in Texas two days after his crime as he was attempting to flee to his native Mexico.

In October, he pleaded guilty to three counts of first-degree manslaughter.

Before he was led away in handcuffs on Friday, Holder told Meija-Ramos that he hopes the memory of murdering his wife and his two little daughters “will cause you to lose whatever sanity you still happen to possess.”

Sources: NY Daily News, NY Post, Reuters

Photo Sources: NY Daily News


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