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Father Who Shot 11-Year-Old Daughter Wants Permission To Attend Funeral

A Cincinnati man who allegedly fatally shot his 11-year-old daughter wants to be released from jail so he can attend her funeral.

Deandre Kelley, 34, is charged with reckless homicide after reportedly firing several shots into the air outside his home while arguing with the child’s mother. A bullet struck the 11-year-old, Shanti Lanza, inside the house.

Shanti had fled to her bedroom when her parents began arguing, the Associated Press reported.

Kelley’s attorney filed a motion Wednesday for permission to attend Shanti’s funeral on Saturday. A hearing on his request is schedule for 1 p.m. today.

It is rare for a judge to grant a request to attend a public service, WCPO reported. Only private viewings in handcuffs and accompanied by sheriff’s deputies are normally allowed.

Kelley claims the shooting was an accident and has pleaded not guilty.

He is currently being held on $500,000 bond. He faces up to three years in prison if convicted.

Sources: Huffinton Post, WCPO


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