Father Supports Death Penalty For His Son


A father and husband mourning the tragic murder of his wife at the hands of his son says he would like his son to face the death penalty. 

Cynthia Eason was brutally beaten to death by her stepson Dylan Eason, 19, and Isaiah Churchill, 24, on April 29, according to KDVR.

Cynthia's husband of four years, Jon Eason, spoke to KSNT about his wife and her tragic death.

"She changed me in so many ways," Jon told KSNT. "She took a short-tempered pilot that liked to take risks in airplanes and she calmed me down."

Dylan Eason and Isaiah Churchill are currently in jail for the murder and Jon says that he would support the death penalty for his son. Jon believes the two men killed his wife while trying to steal valuables to feed their drug habits.

"As far as I'm concerned, I don't have a son anymore," Jon said. "I think the two should face the death penalty."

Jon's daughter, Stephanie Eason, said she also supports the death penalty for her brother.

"Nobody wants to see their little brother die," Stephanie told KSNT. "I love him so much, but he did something so terrible."

Stephanie said that her stepmother, a 50-year-old veterinarian, was her father's "other half."

Dylan Eason and Isaiah Churchill are in jail awaiting an appearance in court. Burlington police can not provide further comments on the case.

Sources: KSNTKDVR / Photo credit: KSNT

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