Teen Arrested After Making Homemade Explosives


A Missouri teenager has been arrested after being found with weapons and materials he used to make homemade explosives. 

According to KMOV, 17-year-old Tristan Blasius' father found that the teen had been hiding various types of weapons in the family's basement. Such items included knives, firearms, ammunition, and materials that could be used to manufacture explosives. After finding the items, the father reported his son to the police; Blasius was arrested on May 9.

Blasius' family described the devices that Blasius had fashioned as similar to fireworks. However, investigators from the O'Fallon Police Department and the St. Charles Country Bomb Squad said that they found seven homemade devices that appeared to be "functional improvised explosive devices designed to throw fragmentation upon detonation."

In addition, investigators also found a peanut butter jar that had been filled with fertilizer. The police report regarding the incident offered some explanation as to what the jar could have been used for.

"During the interview, Blasius told me that he had researched ammonium nitrate explosives," part of the report read, according to KMOV. "Blasius explained he had an old peanut butter jar of fertilizer that he has used ... in an attempt to detonate this type of explosive but it failed."

Investigators have also said that Blasius did not appear to have an intended target, nor was it clear what his intention for the devices (or other weapons) was.

Following Blasius' arrest, he admitted to stealing the firearms from residents of the surrounding area. He is facing two felony charges of unlawful possession of an illegal weapon and stealing firearm/explosive weapon/ammonium nitrate. In accordance with Missouri law, Blasius will be tried as an adult. As of May 23, Blasius is being held at the county jail on a $25,000 bond.

Following the incident, Blasius' family provided a statement to KMOV.

"Tristan has been very cooperative," they said. "We are doing everything we can to work through this as a family."

Blasius is not the only homemade-bomb maker being who has been arrested in 2017. 

Back in March, WHO-TV reported that a 36-year-old man from Iowa had been arrested after a homemade pipe bomb was found in his residence. He was charged with possession of incendiary or explosive device, threats of explosive or incendiary device, and reckless use of fire or explosives.

Another incident occurred later that same month, in Colorado. The Denver Post reported that a juvenile (who was not identified) was arrested by police after a homemade bomb exploded. Police found several other bombs nearby, but were able to seize and render them safe.

Sources: KMOV, WHO-TV, The Denver Post / Photo credit: banspy/Flickr

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