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Father Throws Chair At Judge After Lenient Sentencing Of Daughter's Killer

A father, outraged over the atrociously lenient sentence given to the man who killed his daughter and her grandparents, threw a chair at the presiding judge.

The man’s 2-year-old daughter and her grandparents were killed when a driver went off the road in the Netherlands, killing the child and her grandparents instantly. According to the police report, the driver was going 75 mph in a 50 mph zone.

During the sentencing hearing, the convicted driver was given 120 hours of community service or 60 days in custody if he does not complete the required work, reports Mirror.

The judge said the man should be “given the sentences imposed in similar cases.”

The father’s outrage over the sentence, and his subsequent throwing of the chair at the judge, was caught on video and uploaded to YouTube.

The video has been watched by more than 1,457,000 people. It was published as unlisted and can only be viewed if the link is shared, which it has been on various social media channels. 

The comments by YouTube users have been full of displeasure over the lax sentencing, and plenty of sarcasm over the justice system.

“Perhaps if this alpha bruh had been lifting more, that chair would have caught the judge square in her face and killed her, to which he would only serve 120 hours of community service for it clearly having been an accident,” user Dylan Durret wrote.

“long life to europen union! only in EU you go to jail for naming niga a niga, fagot a fagot, muslim a terrorist and for rape or murder you get community service,” wrote user Muchomorek2.

Not every comment on YouTube views the sentencing as unjust.

“He didn't murder anyone. You have to prove he willingly killed them, to say he murdered them. Then again, this site is full of 12 year olds that don't understand anything, let alone have a driver's license,” user Corey Muncey wrote. “He lost control of his vehicle for reasons that aren't even stated here. He could have hit a water puddle and hydroplaned. Should he go to prison or get the death sentence for things out of his control? no.”

According to Metro, the situation in the courtroom escalated because the motorist did not show remorse for his actions, nor did he apologize.

The father was escorted out of the court in Limburg, Netherlands, by security following the chair throwing.

Sources: YouTube, Metro, Photo Source: Mirror


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