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After Learning Son Hit Two Girls, This Father Teaches Him A Lesson (Video)

After learning about his teenage son’s streak of bad behavior, one dad decided to teach him a lesson he would never forget.

In a now viral clip, the father explains to the camera, with the help of his young teenage son Lionel McBride, why the punishment is happening. According to McBride’s answers during the interrogation, the young teen had gotten into a physical altercation with two girls, and shockingly, this wasn’t the first time he had hit a girl.

To make matters worse, McBride was the reason why his mother’s house was recently robbed, as he had reportedly been throwing parties there with drugs and alcohol while she was away. When word spread that the house was empty, thieves decided to rob the place.

Before the punishment takes place, we also learn that the teen has recently been cursing out school administrators and generally behaving badly at school.

In what some are calling an epic punishment, the frustrated father calmly grabs a pair of clippers and cuts his son’s hair like George Jefferson. The boy starts to cry when he realizes that all but the sides of his head was shaved, and the unapologetic father makes sure he realizes why he got the punishment he did. The video ends with the father bringing the camera closer to his crying son and showing the world the end result.

The video has quickly gone viral, and while many are praising the father for the punishment, others are criticizing him and saying that it’s cruel.

Check out the viral clip below.

Source: Mad World News


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