Father Suspected Of Murdering Daughter Because She Was Lesbian


A Texas father has been accused of murdering his daughter. The victim’s mother claims that the man carried out the crime because he was unhappy with their daughter’s lesbian lifestyle.  

The man, 46-year-old James Cosby, is the prime suspect in the case of 24-year-old Britney Cosby’s murder. The bodies of both Britney and her partner, Crystal Jackson, were found near a dumpster in Port Bolivar, Texas, on March 7. 

According to the New York Daily News, Britney Cosby was bludgeoned to death, and Jackson was shot. The elder Cosby, a registered sex offender who was recently released from prison after serving a two-year sentence, was arrested after he was found tampering with evidence. 

The victim’s mother, Loranda McDonald, appeared certain that her former partner killed their daughter due to the woman’s sexuality. 

“He said it to me a few times that he did not like the idea of her being gay,” McDonald said, according to KHOU. 

Despite McDonald’s claim, police have specified that they still have not determined a motive for the murders. 

“We don’t know [if homosexuality] was a contributing factor to their deaths,” said Galveston Sheriff's Office Capt. Barry Cook. "We haven’t ruled it out, but we haven’t proved it either."

Police also haven’t ruled out another suspect besides Cosby, as a surveillance camera captured a man of a different size and stature dumping the bodies. 

Cosby is currently being held on a $500,000 bond. If the investigation continues, he could face capital murder charges.


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