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Father Stunned To Find Special Needs Daughter, 12, Weighing Only 30 Pounds (Photos)

Horrifying images being spread on social media show a 12-year-old girl with special needs weighing only 30 pounds, and now, as she’s being cared for at a local hospital, police are trying to figure out how she became so emaciated.

According to reports, police in Jefferson County, Ohio have launched an investigation after photos of Nicholle sparked outrage online. The girl’s father, who has visitation rights and lives in another state, reportedly was led to believe his daughter was being taken care of, but when he arrived to see her, he was shocked at how underweight she was.

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The father took his 12-year-old, underweight daughter to the hospital for treatment, and the girl’s family decided to share pictures of her on social media to help spread awareness about how she was treated.

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“There is no reason why she should have gotten to this point,” Jennifer Simms, a cousin of Nicholle and niece of the girl’s father, told WTOV. “This week when she was picked up for visitation by her father, he noticed there was a sudden decline in her health. So she was taken to the emergency room for medical treatment and an investigation. We were given direction legally to pursue this further, and every avenue we were told to pursue had failed us.”

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Now that Nicholle’s story is being shared on social media, the family hopes it they can get justice. Police say they have not yet made any arrests.

Sources: WTOVReddit

Photo Source: Screenshots from video on WTOV


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