Father, Son Arrested for Stockpiling Guns, Ammunition


Kirby Kehoe and his adult son Cheyne (pictured) were arrested this week when ATF agents and local law enforcement officers raided their ranch and found dozens of weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

According to the ATF, the two men are members of a family that was once involved in a plot to establish the Aryan Peoples Republic in the Pacific Northwest and overthrow the U.S. government, notes the Daily Mail.

An unidentified source tipped off the ATF to the weapons cache on Kehoe's 40-acre property near Ash Fork, Ariz.

The weapons included dozens shotguns, semi-automatic rifles and pistols, says the ATF.

Kirby was arrested at his ranch, while Cheyne was placed in custody in Prescott, where he had a court appearance in another case.

Kirby and Cheyne both have previous felony convictions and are banned from possessing firearms, reports the Associated Press.

Each man now faces one weapons charge, but that could grow to more weapons and narcotics charges.

The AFT claims that, in the past, the Kehoe family provided weapons to numerous white supremacists who committed robberies across the U.S.

"The reason and rationale for having executed the warrant on the property in that manner was driven by public safety, just based on the past history of this individual and the sons," Tom Mangan, a special agent with the ATF, said Tuesday.

Sources: Associated Press and Daily Mail


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