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Orange Juice Dispute Ends With Father Shooting 18-Year-Old Son

A Baton Rouge, Louisiana, man was arrested on Sunday after confessing to shooting his son at least three times over orange juice, according to the local police report.

Eldridge Dukes, 58, was arguing with his 18-year-old son about the lack of orange juice in their home early on Sunday morning, the police told The Advocate. The situation escalated and family members told detectives that Dukes grabbed his .357 caliber handgun after his son broke a porcelain vase.

Dukes allegedly chased his son out of his home and down the street, shooting his gun at least three times, says ABC. The 18-year-old was hit in the buttocks and did not suffer any life-threatening injuries. Officials did not provide a name of an attorney who could comment on the charges.

Dukes was booked into Parish Prison on counts of attempted manslaughter and illegal use of a dangerous firearm. No other information has been provided thus far but more is expected as the investigation progresses.

Sources: Fox News, The Advocate,ABC News

Photo Source: Pexels, The Advocate


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