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Father Shoots Gunman Threatening Family In Popeye's

Father Shoots Gunman Threatening Family In Popeye's Promo Image

A Texas man fatally shot a robber who threatened his family with a gun in a fast food restaurant. 

Carlos Molina, 32, was eating with his family in a San Antonio Popeye's Dec. 6 when Andreas Herrera, 19, walked in and tried to rob them, according to KABB.

Herrera demanded money at gunpoint, but Molina said that he didn't have any as he spent it all to buy his family's meal. Molina pleaded with the gunman, asking if his family could go free.

The thief turned around to point his gun at the store manager, telling the employee to stop running.

Molina and his family then got up to try and leave the restaurant. At that moment, two two of his children exited the restroom and the thief pointed his gun at them.

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That's when Molina pulled out his own gun and shot Herrea several times, killing him at the scene. The father is a licensed handgun owner, according to police.

"He was threatened by the robber, who was displaying a gun," said San Antonio Police Department Captain Michael Starnes, according to the San Antonio Express-News. "The citizen is a licensed carrier and did use his handgun to take down the robber."

No charges were filed against Molina as police say he shot the 19-year-old in defense of a third person.

"He really saved the day and protected a lot of people today," Starnes added.

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A similar story occurred in St. Louis Nov. 30, when a pizza deliveryman shot and killed an attempted robber, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. 

The 41-year-old was out delivering food when he was robbed by two men. One of the men struck the deliveryman in the head with a handgun.

The victim then tried to run back to his car and the robber fired shots at him, but missed.

The deliveryman pulled out his own handgun and returned fire, hitting one of the thieves. He then drove back to the pizza shop and called the police.

The deliveryman only suffered a cut to the head from being struck with the handgun.

Police say they were able to find the dead robber and that the second man likely ran off. They said the shooting appears justified and no charges will be filed. The robber's death will not count toward the city's total homicides for the year.

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