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Father Shoots And Kills Young Sons Before Taking Own Life

A Perry Hall, Maryland, father shot and killed his two young sons before taking his own life Friday night.

The bodies of Julian Roary, 47, and his two sons, ages 12 and 10, were found by his girlfriend, Shantal Brown-Winn, after she heard what she thought were fireworks but, in fact, were gunshots from the second floor of their home, reports The Baltimore Sun.

“I got up like where is everybody and I don’t want to go through everything else, but ultimately I had to bust in the door,” Brown-Winn said.

Roary and his eldest son were pronounced dead at the scene. His younger son was pronounced dead at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center.

Brown-Winn said Roary loved his two children but the loss of his job last week as a human resources manager had devastated him, reports CBS Baltimore.

"This was a good man who just thought he couldn't do it anymore because of the economy, the unfairness," Brown-Winn said.

“We said we loved each other every night but last night it was a little different, maybe I should have honed in on it, I didn’t think anything, I love you too. Thought he was coming back out here to continue job searching but that didn’t happen,” Brown-Winn said.

According to county police spokesperson Cpl. Shawn Vinson, Roary left a note detailing his intentions.

Neighbors have spoken out and say Roary was an excellent father.

The neighborhood is in shock over the events.

"I can't believe he took the two boys," neighbor Jenny Merrill said.

"We are all pretty shocked," neighbor Laura Trembly said. "These kids we always saw outside. It's unbelievable."

"You don't think of things happening like this in Perry Hall," said Republican councilman David Marks, who lives in the community. "I think people are shocked. They are enormously upset that this could happen to two young innocent children."

Brown-Winn refers to the boys as “the best kids in the world.” She felt they were like her own children.

“I think that he felt without burdening me and others that he was just doing a good job and he wanted them with him, I hate to say that but that’s how it’s turned out,” Brown-Winn said.

The boys did not live with their mother. Police have notified her of their deaths.

Sources: CBS Baltimore, The Baltimore Sun

Photo credit: The Baltimore Sun


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