Father Sets Up Sting to Catch Man Who Tried to Solicit Teen Daughters for Sex

Two teen girls who were approached for sex by a stranger told their father of the incident. He then set up a sting with police to catch the man.

The girls are sisters, ages 14 and 16. They were standing outside Macey's grocery store when Alexander Navidad-Hernandez pulled up next to them and asked if they wanted money.

Hernandez, 27, handed them a five dollar bill with his phone number on it.

He said, "Call me if you need more money."

Startled, they went home and told their dad.

"It scared me a lot," the 14-year-old said. "My heart was hurting at first and I was shocked."

The father asked the eldest daughter to call the man and ask what his intentions were.

He answered and told her that he wanted sex. She offered a fee of $100, but he said that was too high. He also said $50 was too high, and offered her $30.

"I honestly think it's disgusting that an older guy finds a 14-year-old girl attractive in any way," the older daughter said.

Discovering that the man did want to pay the girls for sex, the father called the Orem Police Department who helped him plan a sting operation. They instructed the youngest girl to call back the man and tell him she was interested.

She told him to meet her at Orem Junior High School. Navidad said he wanted to bring a friend along so she and her sister could make more money.

When the girls and police arrived, they spotted Navidad and 36-year-old Javier Santos-Jacobo in a car in the parking lot.

"When you have two men show up in a car that they say they are going to show up in, and they sit in the parking lot, and they are the only one there, we knew we had our guys," Orem Police Lt. Craig Martinez said. 

The two men are now in Utah County Jail, charged with Enticing a Minor and Sexual Solicitation.

But the girls are still fearful.

"All these sick people need to get out of here. There are so many little girls around here without a parent and some guy can say, 'here's some money,'" the 14-year-old said.

Sources: Daily Mail, KUTV


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