Father Sentenced To 16 Years For Putting Baby In Freezer (Video)


A 25-year-old Washington man was sentenced to 16 years in prison Friday for beating his 6-week-old daughter and putting her in a 10-degree freezer.

Tyler Deutsch pleaded guilty to first-degree assault on Jan. 31, according to prosecutor Mark Lindquist.

Deutsch put the baby in the freezer for an hour in an attempt to make her stop crying. Authorities say he then went into his bedroom and fell asleep.

The infant’s body temperature dropped to 84 degrees. She also suffered a broken arm and leg and a head injury.

Her 22-year-old mother, who had left the infant in Deutsch’s care, discovered her when she returned home and called 911.

The baby fully recovered from the incident.

Detectives investigating the incident last year said Deutsch was very remorseful.

"It was only a six-week-old kid - can't do much other than cry - and from what we understand he wanted the baby to stop crying so he put the baby in the freezer," Pierce County Sheriff's spokesman Ed Troyer told KOMO News in May 2013.

"It could have absolutely turned out a lot different," said Troyer. "The baby could have just been dead and on the way to being frozen. An hour inside of an ice box freezer usually would kill somebody."

Court records show Deutsch has prior convictions for forgery and eluding police involving a DUI, according to KOMO News.

Sources: Fox News, KOMO News


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