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Father Says He Killed Rottweiler with Ax After the Dog Attacked His 5-Year-Old Son

DePaul Simmons, a Detroit father of a 5-year-old boy who was reportedly attacked by a neighbor’s Rottweilber, could face charges after admitting he later killed the dog with an ax and then hit it with his car. Simmons claims that the dog attacked his autistic son in southwest Detroit on Monday, according to Fox 2 News.

The young boy, Ricardo, is recovering. "He has a lot of stitches after being bitten by a really big dog,” his mother, Lucinda Gavin, said.

"As my son was leaving out of the yard to get in his grandmother's truck, the dog grabbed my son's leg and was shaking his leg to where he fell and hit the ground. The dog [dragged] my son to the other dogs and had my son's face in his mouth and was shaking his face," she said.

"All I'm hearing is my son [saying] 'Mommy, help me.” She said there was "Blood just rushing everywhere…” DePaul Simmons told reporters he rushed to the scene as soon as he heard what happened.

"My wife was in the middle of the street hysterical. He [Ricardo] was sitting in the back of the truck. He just started screaming, "Daddy," and I made them take him to the hospital, and from there I took over. [The] police never came," Simmons told Fox 2 News.

"I beat him with an ax," Simmons said, and then he said he also hit the dog with his car, killing it in its own yard. He was in clear sight of a group of witnesses, but Simmons said he didn't care--he did it in an attempt to get justice for his son because police did not come to the scene, remove the dog or arrest the owners.

"People [are] getting attacked by dogs every day, and to just let the dog still live and roam around to do it to another person, the next person might die," Simmons said.

Someone must have called the Michigan Humane Society, which left a card on his door, Simmons told Fox 2 News, "They [were] looking for me because they [were] going to arrest me for killing a dog and nobody showed up to save my son."

The TV news channel reports that there is some conflict in stories because witness statements indicate police and medical personnel arrived about 24 minutes after the 911 call.

"For them to be looking for me and not looking for the owner of this dog, and they know who it is, it's unjust. If they want to take me to jail, take me to jail, but justice will be served on behalf of my son. I promise you that," Simmons said. According to Fox2, no warrant has yet been signed.

The attack on Ricardo occurred just one day before two loose Pit Bulls mauled 64-year-old Jessie Clarke on the porch of her home on Charles in Detroit on Tuesday afternoon, leaving her hospitalized in critical condition.

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VIDEO: See full Fox 2 story.

Source: WRBW, MLive


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