Father’s Gun, License Seized After Argument With Son’s School Principal

Massachusetts police seized a man’s rifle and his gun license after he had a spat with his son’s school principal over a picture his son drew in art class.

Robert Goodwin, 41, says his 10-year-old son drew a picture of Gru from the animated film “Despicable Me.” In the drawing the character is “shooting ping-pong balls at his minions,” he told the Boston Herald.

Stratton Elementary School principal Michael Hanna allegedly felt the drawing was inappropriate.

After a heated discussed with Hanna on Wednesday, Goodwin reportedly took out his gun license and showed it to Hanna.

“During that discussion I compared my legally owned license to carry firearms with the picture that my son drew,” Goodwin told WBZ.

Goodwin also said that he had access to guns at his home, Arlington police Chief Frederick Ryan told the Herald.

“I did not threaten [Hanna’s] life in any way,” Goodwin said.

School officials took precautions.

“This argument certainly went above and beyond the scope of a normal disagreement, and therefore the policies and procedures that Arlington Public Schools have in place were immediately activated to make sure that students, faculty, and staff remained safe,” Arlington Public Schools Superintendent Kathleen Bodie said in a letter to parents.

Some parents told the Boston Herald they were upset that they didn’t learn about the threat immediately.

“We should have been told about it,” said one mother who has two kids enrolled at the school.

Goodwin wasn’t charged. He was ordered to stay off campus for the rest of the year.

“I’m sad because I think we have to transfer out of the school,” Goodwin said. “He’s going to be bummed he doesn’t get to hang out with all of his friends.”

“He didn’t start this,” he added.

Sources: Boston Herald, CBS Boston


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