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Outraged Dad Confronts Teacher Who Denied 10-Year-Old Son A Meal (Video)

The father of a 10-year-old Chula Vista, California, boy is angered over his son’s teacher denying the child a meal.

Luis Valdivia reached out to ABC 10 News to report the incident and shared the recording he made of the confrontation between himself and the teacher.

In the video, Valdivia confronts the Hilltop Drive Elementary teacher outside of a classroom.

“So you’re calling my son a liar regarding Monday?” Valdivia asks.

“On Monday, I did not let him eat,” the teacher responds.

“You know you broke the law. Are you aware of that?” asks Valdivia.

“I was not aware of that,” the teacher responds.

Valdivia’s son claims he asked the teacher if he could get “Second Chance Breakfast,” an opportunity for kids who missed breakfast to eat.

The teacher told the boy “no,” and he returned to his seat.

"I went back to my seat all frustrated," Valdivia’s son said.

Valdivia’s son believes he was denied breakfast as punishment for missing an assignment.

This is not the first time the boy was denied a meal by the same teacher. Valdivia’s wife had spoken to the teacher before after she denied their son a meal and the teacher reportedly apologized and said it would not happen again.

After telling Valdivia she would appreciate him asking her permission before filming her, the teacher asked if he would like to schedule a meeting.

Valdivia said he was not interested in a meeting, and would be taking action.

“This is going straight to the Board, and I’ll see you in court,” Valdivia responds.

Anthony Millican, a spokesman for Chula Vista Elementary School, would not admit whether the boy was denied a meal, but did say they are investigating the complaint.

An explanation about “Second Chance Breakfast” was also given by the district spokesman.

“Second Chance Breakfast is not a mandated meal break” as it is combined with recess.

Valdivia believes refusing his son a meal under any circumstances is abusive and that the teacher should be terminated.

The teacher allegedly did not break the law, as the boy was not denied a mandatory meal, but the school district may take disciplinary action against her for the incident.

Sources: ABC 10 News / Photo Source: Screenshot/YouTube


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