'It Was Really Disturbing': Day Care Teacher Caught On Camera Pushing Toddler To The Ground (Video)


A father from Hoboken, New Jersey, says he was in shock after viewing a cellphone video (posted below) showing his 23-month-old daughter being roughly handled by a day care teacher at a local Apple Montessori school. 

The unidentified female teacher can be seen in the video aggressively attempting to put a hat on the toddler while outside surrounded by other children, who were playing at the time. When her attempt failed, she reportedly picked up the little girl, pushed her to the ground, and left her there while the other kids continued to play, reports NBC News.

"It was really disturbing," said Brett Stenhouse, the girl's father, to NBC 4 New York. "We're being told that there had been an incident. I didn't expect it to be as severe as it actually was." 

The incident was reportedly captured on video in May from a high-rise window above the Montessori school. The girl's family did not see the footage until Wednesday. 

"I can't believe that the school didn't take immediate action and contact the parent," Zina Sagev, a member of a local parenting group, told NBC 4 New York. The woman who shot the video reportedly posted it to Facebook because she was afraid the school wouldn't tell the parents what had happened, reports The Mirror.

A spokesperson for the Apple Montessori Schools sent a letter to the parents that read: "We are outraged by the lack of care and concern this employee showed. We do not condone this type of behavior in any way, shape or form."

The person who shot the video claims the teacher was placed on a 30-day working probation, but that hasn't been confirmed, and Apple Montessori says they have since terminated her employment. 

Stenhouse said the video disturbed him but added, "My daughter is generally very happy here." 

Sources: NBC News, The Mirror

Photo Credit: NBC News/Screenshot


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