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Dad Punched Baby, Left Corpse In Car (Photos)

Dad Punched Baby, Left Corpse In Car (Photos) Promo Image

A Maryland father pleaded guilty to punching his 2-month-old baby before leaving the dead child's body in a car and later burying it behind a school.

Antoine Petty, 33, was convicted of first-degree child abuse resulting in the infant's death on Aug. 2, reports The Washington Post.

Petty punched the child, Antoine Flemons, after his wife, 24-year-old Geneice Petty, was unable to calm the crying infant in Sept. 2016.

Briefly abandoning his body in a 1998 Lincoln town car hearse, the couple then buried the body 24 hours later in a wooded area behind a high school.

After relatives reported the child missing, authorities questioned the parents, who led them to the child's corpse one month later.

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Petty faces up to 40 years in prison and will be sentenced in October.

"His actions were so in­credibly heinous that he deserves every day of that prison sentence," said Gina Ford, a spokeswoman for the Prince George's County State's Attorney's Office. "This was a defenseless 2-month-old child ... Rather than consoling his son he takes his son and beats him."

Meanwhile, Geneice faces charges of involuntary manslaughter and accessory after the fact, The Associated Press reports.

Antoine has expressed regret over his actions.

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"Antoine Petty is deeply remorseful for his actions in this case," his public defender, Doug Irminger, said.

Still, news of the baby's death has enraged many.

"The word "father" or "mother" should not be used to describe these creatures," commented one CBS News reader. "It insults those of us that are father's and mother's."

"Only 2 months old," added another. "What kind of creature could do such a thing to it's own baby?? And not bad enough that the 'sperm donor" (I refuse to call that a FATHER) could attack this helpless little one, but the 'female parent' went along and helped him make the child disappear. I just can't fathom the cold-hearted actions of these creatures."

Some believed Antoine should face an even harsher punishment than prison.

"Not only should he be put in prison, he should be sterilized," opined one. "Mandatory sterilization for all criminals convicted of murder would at least lower the birth rate somewhat among the criminal class."

"Does this ever end?" asked another. "Automatic death penalty for this monster is the only fair outcome for a child who was never allowed to live his live simply because he cried."

Sources: The Associated Press via CBS News, Washington Post / Photo Credit: Prince George's County Police via The Washington Post, Dmitriy/Flickr

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