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Father Publicly Shames His Daughter For Plagiarism

A father in Joanna, South Carolina, decided to publicly shame his daughter for plagiarizing a school assignment.

Pandora Oliver, an employee at the nearby Royal Food Store, was informed of the father and daughter’s presence by some customers on March 4.

"I asked him, ‘Can I read the sign?' and he said, 'Yeah, sure, go ahead.' And I read it; it said, 'I lied about my grades and stole someone's school work,’” Oliver told Fox Carolina.

Some witnesses called the incident humiliating. "She couldn't look us in the eye. She kept looking away, and she was crying and shaking," witness Katherine Williams said.

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Williams and her mother tried to talk to the father. "He said, pretty much, that 'she's not your child, it's none of your business' and just told us to leave, and if we had a problem to call the police," Williams said.

The  Lauren's County Sheriff's Office later came out and told the father-daughter duo to move along. Corporal Christy Johnson said the father was within his rights to publicly shame his daughter and checked on them to make sure the girl was not in any danger. A report was not filed.

Williams felt the punishment was inappropriate. "I can understand the parent being angry because you don't want your child to lie or to cheat, but there are other ways to tell them that's wrong then make them cry and be humiliated like that.”

Source: Fox Carolina / Image via Fox Carolina


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