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Father Pleads Guilty To Injecting 4-Year-Old Son With Drugs

Eric Lehtinen, a 39-year-old from Redmond, Washington, faces up to 20 years behind bars after pleading guilty to first degree attempted murder Thursday.

Lehtinen was accused of injecting his 4-year-old son with a cocktail of drugs including heroin in September 2013.

On top of a prison sentence, the prosecution is seeking an order from the court banning Lehtinen from having any contact with his son or ex-wife, the Seattle Times reported.

On the day the incident occurred, Lehtinen’s wife returned home to find her husband and son unresponsive in bed.

Both were taken to hospital. When the boy was examined by doctors, they found a potentially lethal combination of heroin, ketamine and morphine in his system, according to charging documents reported by Q13.

Police officers investigating the case were shocked by what had happened.

“Never, no. In 35 years as a police officer I’ve never run across anything like this,” Redmond police Lieutenant Charlie Gorman said at the time, according to Q13 (2).

“There were injectable paraphernalia on the scene that we’ve located consistent with heroin use,” he added.

Local residents were also taken aback.

“I just don’t understand how messed up you have to be to inject your 4-year-old with heroin. Never heard of anything like this, never even had the thought cross my mind of anything like this happening in the world,” said Alex Marchand.

Sentencing is scheduled for 4 Sep.

Sources: Q13, Seattle Times, Q13 (2)/ photo credit: Q13


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