Father of Murder Victim Faces Joran van der Sloot


It was perhaps the most dramatic postponed preliminary hearing ever, only because the father of the woman that Joran van der Sloot allegedly killed got to face him for the first time.

The judge in Peru had to postpone Wednesday's hearing to next Tuesday because van der Sloot did not have a lawyer (he resigned a few weeks ago). But it was the first time the father of Stephany Flores got to see the man who is charged with murdering his daughter.

"It was a very tough moment," Ricardo Flores told CNN shortly after leaving the courtroom.

He said he was surprised by van der Sloot's physical appearance, implying he is getting special privileges behind bars. "I thought I'd see someone skinny ... but no, he was fatter than when he first went to prison."

Van der Sloot is accused of killing Stephany is a hotel room in Lima in May 2010. He allegedly became enraged after she searched his computer and found links between van der Sloot and Natalee Holloway -- the teen who disappeared in Aruba in 2005. Van der Sloot is a suspect in that case, although he has not been charged.

Before he resigned from the case because of strategy differences, Maximo Altez filed in a court motion:

My client ... admits having murdered the victim (Flores), but not with ferocity, for profit or pleasure, nor any of the other element(s) that make up this murder, but only by violent emotion that overtook him at the time he was attacked by the victim.

However, Ricardo Flores and his attorney claim the police report said the last time anyone searched for Holloway information on van der Sloot's computer was the day before Stephany's death, suggesting this was not a "crime of passion."

"That hypothesis has already been defeated," Flores said Wednesday.

Flores said he prays justice will eventually be served.

"I am confident that God will give me the strength," he said.


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