Father Notices Something Unusual In Unborn Daughter's Ultrasound (Photo)


Mark Wright, 30, believes that even though his unborn daughter will never meet her grandfather, he is acting as her guardian angel every day. Wright was only seven when his father died but he believes an ultrasound proves that the man is looking over his unborn granddaughter.

Wright said that his father's face is clearly visible in a recent 22-week ultrasound of his daughter. The Englishman said that seeing the scan made him believe in ghosts and supernatural occurrences for the first time in his life.

The ultrasound photo, reported by Daily Mail, shows an outline of his father's face, nose and mustache.

Wright said, "It's like my dad is my guardian angel watching over us."

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Even though he may not remember his father well, he said he immediately knew it was him in the photo.

"I was only very young when my dad died which was hard to adjust to but I was absolutely shocked when I saw the image of face in Amiyah’s scan."

The photo was taken 22-weeks into his girlfriend Kimberley Wootton pregnancy. However, they did not realize the presence of the face until looking at it later.

He explained, "Kimberley had been showing her friend an old baby scan picture of Amiyah when her friend pointed out the face. She ran straight upstairs to get a picture of my dad and when she showed me the two photos together I couldn't believe it."

Wright said that the photo made him a believer in supernatural beings.

"I've never believed in anything supernatural before, but seeing my dad's face so clearly is just uncanny."

The Atlantic reported that more people in the United Kingdom believe in ghosts than in the United States. 42 percent of American believe in paranormal activity while 52 percent of the English do.

Sources: Daily MailThe Atlantic / Photo Source: Mirror


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