Father of 9-Year-Old Rapper Lil Poopy Facing Child Abuse Charges

Luis Rivera, the father of nine-year-old rapper Lil Poopy, is facing charges of child abuse over the content of some of the music videos his son has appeared in.

Luis Rivera Jr. is featured in videos where he raps about money, hoes and designer clothing, among other things. Lil Poopy is also seen dancing with girls twice his age, tossing around wads of cash and slapping women on their backsides. The youngster also refers to himself as a “cocaine cowboy.”

Rivera Sr. says that his son is just acting in the videos and that he hasn’t done anything wrong. He compared the way that his son touches women in the videos to the way that professional athletes congratulate each other after a job well done, reports The Daily Mail. “When you hit a home run, when you go to the bleachers, they tap you on the butt,” Rivera Sr. said. “He’s not doing anything wrong.”

Police in the boy’s hometown of Brockton, Mass., see things a little differently. A report has been filed with child welfare officials alleging neglect and abuse by Rivera Sr. “It’s a bit much for a nine-year-old. It warrants the attention of the Department of Children and Families,” police Lt. David Dickinson told a local newspaper.

The fourth grader has already been signed to a record deal. Morrocan-born rapper French Montana, the founder and CEO of Cocaine City Records, heard Lil Poopy’s skills and inked him to a contract. Currently Lil Poopy takes the stage with Montana's group, the Coke Boyz. He makes about $7,500 for every performance.

Most of the time Lil Poopy raps about money and girls: “'I got money in the bank I could take a loss or two/ Ridin' in the back seat 'cause that's what bosses do / Filet mignon plus I'm eating lobster too.” Lil Poopy’s stage name traces its history back to the days when he used to frequently soil his pants.

Despite the controversy surrounding his son, Rivera Sr. insists that he’s a good kid. “He goes to school every day,” his dad said. “He knows, No school, no rappin.”

Source: (The Daily Mail)


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