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Father Murders His Daughters After A Business Deal Leaves Him Penniless

Sanjay Dubey, 33, of Gujarat, India, admitted strangling his three young daughters and throwing their bodies into a nearby canal. 

Dubey was allegedly depressed after he lost the equivalent of $4,600, in a business deal, leaving him penniless. According to the Daily Mail, Dubey was worried he wouldn’t have the money to provide for his children’s future.

“We received a call on (the morning of Feb. 14) from a villager who had found three bodies floating face down in a canal,” Inspector Mahendra Kher said. “When we reached the spot we found Sanjay already present and he quickly confessed to killing his daughters.”

Dubey’s wife and the mother of Priya, 7, Bhavna, 2, and Ankita, 9, was stunned. “I do not know why he killed the girls. I have no idea, it's so out of character,” Meera Devi, 32, said. “He loved them very much. Our daughters were our world. He had always been a very loving father.”

The couple had two stillborn sons before the birth of their daughters, but Devi said her husband never pressured her for a son. The night the girls were murdered, Dubey promised them they would go to a local fair and buy new clothes.

Source: Daily Mail / Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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