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Dad Killed In Front Of His Kids While Adopting A Puppy

A Florida father was shot and killed in front of his kids while trying to adopt a puppy.

Scott Bowman, 39, responded to a dog-adoption ad on Facebook. Scott's fiance and ex-wife, Chelsea Bowman, said that the poster insisted on bringing the dog to Scott's house in Jacksonville directly, KTRK reports.

Chelsea said the man began to act aggressively upon entering Scott's home, according to KRON, and eventually the man and Scott got into a fight. Scott's two children were home at the time.

"The dude takes his shoes off and he stays," said Chelsea. "And he doesn't leave. And it's making everybody uncomfortable."

"My husband goes to use the bathroom, and he waits for him. He comes out, and he grabs him and he starts beating him," said Chelsea, WJAX reports. "I mean grabs him, slams him down. Scott was not winning this fight at all."

Scott's daughter, Kinley, reportedly witnessed the man put a gun to Scott's head. Scott managed to wrestle the gun away from him and shoot him in the arm, but as Scott tried to run away the man allegedly shot the father in the chest, killing him, according to Chelsea.

"Kinley was going: 'You shot my dad! You shot my dad!'" Chelsea recalled. Chelsea told Kinley and her brother to run to get help, as she stayed with Scott to try and help him.

Julie Wood, the Bowmans' neighbor, said that the children were at her door asking for help.

"They were just terrified and just kept repeating: 'My dad, there's blood everywhere,'" recalled Wood.

The alleged shooter was waiting outside of the home when police arrived, at which point he told them he had been involved in the shooting. Police took the man into custody and also brought Chelsea and the children in for questioning.

Chelsea said that Scott's alleged killer was acting like a "maniac," banging on the walls and screaming obscenities.

"At one point they had to switch us from one room so we wouldn't hear this maniac," she said. She said that she wanted the man to be charged with murder.

The suspect has not been named, and the investigation is reported to be ongoing.

"He’s a gentle guy, wouldn't hurt anybody," said neighbor Jeff Wood. "Scott was my friend. I loved that dude to death."

"I miss him. I just want him back," Chelsea said. "I keep thinking it’s a horrible dream."

Sources: KRON, KTRK, WJAX, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Zolakoma/Flickr

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