Father Faces Jail Time After Fatally Stabbing Man Who Stole His Son's Phone

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A father may face jail time after a confrontation with the man who stole his son’s iPhone left the thief dead.

Derek Grant’s 20-year-old son Jordan came home one day in August 2013 and told his father his iPhone had been stolen. Jordan said the thief held him at knifepoint and demanded he turn his phone over.

Grant tracked down the phone’s location using the Find My iPhone app, and went with his three sons to confront the thief, identified as Patrick Bradley.

When Grant found Bradley, he demanded that he return his son’s phone. Bradley, whose record is littered with violent offenses, responded by stabbing Grant in the eye. Grant says he then reacted out of self-defense and stabbed Bradley.

Bradley, 29, died from the stab wounds.

Grant was initially charged with murder, but that charge was dropped when he plead guilty to culpable homicide.

In court, Grant reiterated that he was acting out of self-defense.

“I wish to declare for the record, that at the time of the incident I was acting in self-defense,” he said.

His three sons present during the stabbing were also charged with murder, but the court accepted their not-guilty pleas.

The Scottish Express reports that culpable homicide is punishable with life in prison, but the average sentence is eight years. Grant will learn his fate at a sentencing hearing next month.

Sources: Mirror, Scottish Express

Photo Source: Wikipedia


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