Teen Publicly Punished By Dad For Smoking Weed (Photo/Video)


An Ohio father decided to take matters into his own hands after he discovered his son had been smoking pot.

The incident began when one father discovered that his son, 16-year-old David Lightbody, owed money to someone for marijuana. A kid had reportedly informed the father of his son’s debt.

As punishment, the father forced David to stand outside for an hour with a sign that reads, “My name is Dave. I’m 16. I lie, smoke weed, and steal.”

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According to the father, he discovered the form of punishment on social media and decided to give it a try.

After spray-painting a large sheet of plywood with the message, he had his son stand outside to ruminate on his actions.

Speaking to reporters, David told them of the foolishness of his actions.

“Yeah, I think it was really stupid what I did,” David said. “And that you shouldn’t really smoke weed and stuff like that.”

David even said that police officers have driven by him and told him to stop doing drugs.

According to some though, he still has a long ways to go before learning his lesson.

“No, I haven’t seen nothing yet that taught him a lesson,” said George Yurjevich, a family friend. “He’s really hard-headed. He’s just like a rock.”

Upon hearing the news, many took to social media to voice their opinions on the matter.

“Way to go Dad!!! Maybe just maybe something will sink in now,” one user wrote. “Apparently he’s exhausted all other forms of punishment.”

“Wow publicly humiliating your child this way is horrible,” another user wrote. “Now this can cause later issues such as depression. Kids may even bully and make fun of him for it … should’ve sat em [sic] down and talked about the situation.”

Public shaming as a means of discipline has become increasingly popular on social media. It has also come under scrutiny, however, following the death of 13-year-old Izabel Laxamana in Tacoma, Washington. On Saturday, May 30, Laxamana exited a car and killed herself by jumping from a highway overpass, PIX 11 reported.

The suicide came after a public-shaming video of Laxamana was released. The video was taken by the girl's father in an attempt to punish her for "getting messed up." In the video, the father questions Laxamana on her actions, and then cuts her hair. Though the father was criticized following Laxamana's death, he was reportedly not the one to upload the video and had never intended to publish it.

Source: WKBN, WKBN on Facebook, PIX 11

Photo Credit: WKBN


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