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Father Makes, Installs Fake Speed Camera After Family Cat Hit By Car

An English man made a fake speed camera out of an old kitchen cupboard and set it up outside his Shrewton home after the family cat was run over by a car.

Antony Cull, 27, said the loss of their 8-year-old cat Millie devastated his daughter.

“Millie was a very happy, friendly cat. It really upset my children so I decided something had to be done,” Cull told the Daily Mail.

He made a camera box, painted it yellow, and hung it over the roadway.

“My speed camera has had a huge effect – drivers slow down and slam on their brakes when they see it,” he said.

Cull says villagers have thanked him for slowing down cars on the busy stretch of road in Wiltshire.

“Someone in the village wrote on Facebook asking drivers to honk when they drove past if they supported me and we hear so many horns beeping,” he said. “People have stopped and knocked on my door to say ‘Well done’ and tell me they agree with me.”

But not everyone loves the camera. On Saturday the first fake camera was pulled down and burnt. Cull and a neighbor replaced the camera, but it has since been stolen.

Cull says he’s going to weld a metal version to replace it.

He’s grappled with the Wilshire Council over the camera. Some claim it is on council land, while Cull says it’s his land. Some councilors concede that the makeshift camera is “very effective.”

“Although it’s probably not what authorities want to see, it’s very effective at slowing traffic down and that’s what people are clearly for,” said Councilor Ian West, according to the Salisburg Journal.

A traffic survey is now being conducted through the area and surrounding villages.

“Issues should be referred to the local community area board, who will work with the local community to examine what speed control measures are appropriate for that particular road,” the council told the Journal in a statement.

Sources: Daily Mail, Salisburg Journal

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons / David Bleasdale, Salisburg Journal


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